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Working with segment comments in Transit

Segment comment feature in Transit NXT

Working with segment comments in Transit

Extremely useful for translators and project managers alike, this tooltip explains how to work with the segment comment feature in Transit NXT.

In the previous post related to comments, we explained how to enter comments in the source and target language segments. In this post, we will cover more uses and advantages of segment comments. In short, we will explain how to browse comments, print segments containing comments, filter by segments containing comments and export segment comments to Excel.

Browsing segments containing comments

If your project contains comments related to particular segments, there is an easy way of browsing those segments in order to read the comments and check the segments in question. Using keyboard shortcuts, you can easily reach segments for which comments have been entered. 

Function Keyboard Shortcut (numeric keypad)
Previous comment by the project manager ALT + Minus
Next comment by the project manager ALT + Plus
Previous comment by the translator/reviewer CTRL + Minus
Next comment by the translator/reviewer CTRL + Plus
Previous comment (all comments) ALT + CTRL + Minus
Next comment (all comments)  ALT + CTRL + Plus


With the above shortcuts, Transit displays the segment in question as the current segment. You can read the comment and press ALT+2 to move the cursor to the current segment in the target language section, if required.

Printing segments that contain comments

You can also choose to print segment comments. Select the with comments option from the Printing window, as shown in the image below:

Printing Segment Comments

For more information on how to set up the printer options to print segments, please see our post on printing out Transit NXT files for proofreading.

Filtering segments that contain comments

Transit NXT also allows you to filter segments according to the content of the comment, thus displaying only those segments whose comments contain specific content. This helps you to get an overview of the segments that contain comments and what actions may need to be taken. In order to do this, go to View > Segment filter > Create. Select the Segment info tab in the Segment filter window. Select the With comments option and then click on Apply filter to apply this filter to the source/target language segment. The filter is automatically applied to the section (source/target) where your cursor is located. Click on the View > Segment filter > Synchronise view option to synchronise both the source and target language sections. You can also filter by segments that contain comments with a specific content. To do so, enter the desired content in the list. The following image shows how you can filter by segments that contain comments:

Filter Segment Comments

For more information on segment filters, see our post on filtering data records.

Exporting segment comments

Segment comments can be exported to various formats via the quality check feature. The comments are then included in the quality report generated by Transit NXT. Go to Statistics > Quality and select the Project or Current options based on whether you want to generate a quality report for the entire project or just for the language pairs that are currently open. This opens up the Quality report window, as shown in the image below, whereby you can select the option of including comments in the report from the Comments and revisions section.

Exporting Comments

You can choose to export in HTMLExcel or XML format and the comments will thus be included in your quality report. Please note that the creation of quality reports is not included as a standard feature in Transit NXT, it is optional and enabled by the licence number. If you would like to enable this function, please contact your STAR office.

This completes our second post about comments, explaining the various uses of entering and using comments as part of the project management and translation process. We hope you find this feature useful. Do try it out and let us know if you have any feedback. Stay tuned for our upcoming posts about other useful and interesting features of Transit NXT. Enjoy commenting until then!



Enviado por Alan Halls el Vie, 01/26/2018 - 09:24 responder
Hello Michael I have long been a keen reader of your tool tips for Transit and was pleased to see the article on the Comments feature, which I often use. However, at one point I stumbled - "Go to Statistics > Quality..." If I click the Statistics menu above the ribbon (with the language pair open in the editor), I am offered two subsections: Language Pairs and Dictionaries. Quality does not appear. If I then select Language Pairs -> Project, I see the Transit report manager window but nothing like the Quality report you show and with no output options at all. Am I barking up the wrong tree somewhere? Alan

Enviado por Pamela el Mar, 01/30/2018 - 14:38 responder
Hello Alan, the Statistics | Quality option is a feature only available in Transit NXT Professional or Transit NXT Freelance Pro

Enviado por Geneviève el Jue, 01/10/2019 - 14:12 responder
I have the Transit NXT Freelance Pro version, yet the Quality Report buttons on the Statistics bars appears greyed and cannot be used.

Enviado por Michael el Lun, 02/04/2019 - 12:43 responder
Hello Genevieve, the Statistics | Quality funkcion is only available as an option in the Transit NXT Freelance Pro, i.e. you have to buy it. I was just informed that the option is 1,050 euro.

Enviado por Jackson Wood el Lun, 09/21/2020 - 09:06 responder
I'm glad to read this article, thank you so much for sharing this post.... I really liked it very much.

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