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Indesign CC files in Transit NXT

Translate InDesign files in Transit NXT

Indesign CC files in Transit NXT

With the latest update for Service Pack 7, you can translate InDesign CC files in Transit NXT. For data exchange with Transit, new InDesign Gate plug-ins are available for InDesign CC (Mac and Windows).

The new InDesign Gate plug-ins and improved InDesign Gate plug-ins for InDesign CS 2 to CS 6 can be downloaded from www.star-group.net in the "Download | Transit & TermStar NXT | Accessories" area. There you can also find the latest documentation on installing InDesign Gate and sharing data with Transit.

Please note that the filter for InDesign is optional.

To install the plug-ins, you need your licence number. You can only install the plug-ins if the optional filter for Adobe InDesign has been enabled for your licence.


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