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STAR Servicios Lingüísticos quality recertification

For the seventh consecutive year, the Barcelona translation company STAR Servicios Lingüísticos has renewed both its ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system, and its certification according to UNE-EN 15038, the European standard for translation services. In November 2007, the translation agency was one of the first European companies to achieve the double seal of quality.

This year, the company was due for recertification. The STAR Servicios Lingüísticos team underwent an exhaustive two-day review, in which the auditor examined in great detail all departments and processes of the company: management and the quality policy, administration and human resources, project management and translation, vendor management, commercial and pre-sales activities, and last but not least, the IT and system administration department.

The company was recertified with honours and the auditor highlighted a number of positive aspects of the quality management system of the Barcelona-based company, in particular mentioning the “excellent approval and evaluation process of the vendors”.

“In recent years we have reviewed and improved all aspects of vendor management, and it has not been in vain”, commented Elena Alfaro, Operations and Quality Manager at STAR Servicios Lingüísticos. “We relaunched the provider portal, carried out the first vendor satisfaction survey and provided more transparency to translators regarding our review process in order for them to improve and adapt their services. In 2013 and the first nine months of 2014, various aspects of our service have improved even further: the number of late deliveries has been reduced, the number of non-conformities has also decreased and the level of satisfaction of our customers has gone up. The results already belied the improvements in our processes, and the audit has served to corroborate this.”

The approval and ongoing evaluation of the vendors is one of the requirements of the UNE 15038, the European standard for translation services. It is a vital element in order to guarantee translation services that are high-quality, quick and adapted to the needs of the customer.