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STAR Servicios Lingüísticos launches new client portal

More information and greater transparency through the new client portal at STAR Servicios Lingüísticos.

STAR Servicios Lingüísticos, the Barcelona based Spanish branch of the STAR Group, has opened its new client portal as part of its Translation Management System. The portal allows clients direct access to the powerful management tool that STAR uses to perform its services. On the portal, clients can check the status of their requests for quotation and on-going projects, view invoices and also contact their project manager directly.

Due to the need and obligation to translate for multiple markets, companies who export can find themselves with high costs for translation. In many cases, requests for translation come from a diverse range of departments, such as Management, Marketing, After-Sales Service, Training, Technical Product Documentation, etc. For this reason, many companies have no control over the true cost of translation to the organization as a whole.

STAR Servicios Lingüísticos’ new portal solves this problem because clients can use it to access the key performance indicators that they themselves have defined. The portal provides an overview of total costs for services, including translation, DTP, interpretation etc., as well as allowing analysis of order patterns; document type, language combinations, ordering department and volumes for translation are all easily visible.

The portal allows direct communication between the client and STAR Servicios Lingüísticos’ Project Manager, by means of a task management application. All communication is recorded and linked to the project, rather than being stored in mailboxes. This functionality increases the transparency and traceability of all projects: two important factors for  quality customer service.