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Terminology management: TermStar

TermStar, STAR's solution for terminology management

Terminology management made easy with Termstar

TermStar NXT is STAR's professional solution for creating, managing and maintaining corporate terminology throughout all the information processes in a company, from designing a new product to the technical writing and translation into multiple languages.

Using standard terminology is essential for your company's image and helps improve relations with its stakeholders and internal communications. Our customers value TermStar's powerful technology with its centralised management, structured data storage system, and easy and intuitive interface.

Working with TermStar is as easy as opening an electronic dictionary and entering terms. It offers a range of input verification functions, lists of predefined values, and automatic entry and assessment of administrative data. It also contains powerful search and filtering functions.

Using the term entry function, you can create simple pairs of terminological equivalents or more complex entries, including all types of metalinguistic and additional administrative information. Terms can be entered using TermStar or other applications such as Microsoft Word or Adobe FrameMaker.

TermStar is included as standard in our Computer-Assisted Translation system Transit for creating terminology that can be used while writing and translating content.