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Online translation review: CLM WebEdit

WebCheck allows you to review translations via the web at international branches of your company, ensuring that the translations are accurate and ready in less time

In-country translation reviews with STAR WebCheck

The ability to review and assess translations quickly and easily in the target markets is a critical factor for ensuring that translation projects are fast and efficient. This requires easy-to-use technology solutions that are integrated into the rest of the translation process: STAR WebCheck is the solution.

In-house reviewers and employees in the local markets can review and approve translations via their web browser. It is also possible to add comments, compare previous translations, display translated documents in their final layout in PDF format, and much more. The reviewers can make corrections directly without complex approval processes and without running the risk of introducing mistakes when applying their changes. The modified segments can be easily identified in Transit so they can be added to the translation memory either automatically or after they have been approved by the project manager.

Its interface is ergonomically designed and easy to use; even users with no training in translation technologies can review projects with STAR WebCheck.

STAR WebCheck provides the following advantages:

  • Global access on the Internet or intranet via a browser
  • Fast navigation based on segment status
  • Updated previews of the final layout in PDF
  • Online editing with copy-and-paste functions
  • Search-and-replace in multiple documents at the same time
  • Segment comments for reviewers and project managers

Optimise your in-country review processes with STAR WebCheck.