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Authoring memory: MindReader

Mindreader is the software that optimises technical writing, creating precise content quickly and cost-effectively in terms of writing and translation

MindReader, STAR's authoring memory for content creators

The goal of a technical writer is to create content that provides the end user with high-quality information on a product's features, the installation and operating procedures, product components and requirements, and repair operations, etc.

One of the characteristics of technical documentation is that much of its content is identical or similar, and so much of the information has already been written previously. Reusing this content translates into standardised documentation and significant savings when writing. Furthermore, every time a phrase is used in the source language, translation costs are also reduced. On this basis, the challenge for a technical writer is to create precise content quickly and cost-effectively.

MindReader is a technological solution that helps you increase your productivity. The system is integrated in our Transit technologies (Computer-Assisted Translation tools) and TermStar (terminology management) so that the writer can consult the translation memory at any time. While you write in your normal environment (e.g. MS Word, Adobe FrameMaker or PTC Arbortext), it offers suggestions based on identical or similar phrases, paragraphs, and even chapters so that they can be reused. By interacting with TermStar, it can also manage specialised technical terminology, and associated files such as images, audio and video.