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Multilingual and multi-platform terminology

WebTerm makes it easy to remotely manage multilingual terminology consistently and easily between technical writers, translators and marketing directors

WebTerm makes it easy to manage multilingual terminology consistently between the technical writers, terminologists, translators, marketing directors and sales representatives in your company, from anywhere in the world, from any platform, with no need to install an application on your local equipment.

The WebTerm interface is simple and intuitive and is based on TermStar – STAR's successful terminology management system.

Every term entered has several user-defined fields and can be accompanied by images, audio, videos and web links. This converts your terminology database into a real library of multimedia knowledge.

WebTerm uses the most recent standards (XSL, HTML/XML, Java Servlets and JDBC) compatible with application servers and databases such as JRun, Tomcat, Websphere, etc. We work with MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and IMB DB/2 databases.

The management system can be accessed via most web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.