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HalloFoto is going on a long journey

STAR Servicios Lingüísticos is supporting an initiative to integrate refugee girls

On Wednesday 6 July 2016, the Cologne transport service put the HalloFoto photo tram into operation. The tram will display the photo subjects of the HalloFoto project, a voluntary initiative that aims to integrate refugee girls. The project, founded by the linguist Dr. Lidia Cámara de la Fuente and the acclaimed photographer Peter Lindemann, has brought refugee girls and German girls together, made it possible for them to share experiences and introduced them to the basics of photography. Through this, initial fears of contact were overcome, German learnt, similarities discovered and friendships forged. The girls then documented their meetings photographically. Wonderful portraits resulted from this, which reflect the moods and emotions of the girls and give a face to the fates of anonymous refugees.

The Cologne transport service is supporting the project by providing a tram that will be decorated with the photo subjects of the HalloFoto initiative for a whole year as it circulates Cologne. The project is thus another sign of the commitment of KVB to the integration of refugees in Cologne. The company offers numerous internships and apprenticeships for refugees and together with the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV), is also committed to providing positions across Germany for refugees.

The commissioning of the photo tram was fittingly acknowledged with a press conference: "The train is a building block in our efforts to help refugees make contacts here in Cologne, forge friendships and in the best case scenario, find a new homeland", according to Jürgen Fenske, the CEO of KVB.

HalloFoto! plans to publish the project format as a Common Educational Licence. More information on the project and contact details can be found at www.hallofoto.eu. STAR Servicios Lingüísticos is supporting the HalloFoto project via donations and free translations, and is therefore helping the project to become known across language barriers.

And off goes the photo tram, with a tinkle of the bell and a happy screech of the wheels (click on the image and jump on!):



Photo: Werner Horn | Video: Sandra Stein

...HalloFoto! Bye bye prejudice!