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STAR Campus - Webinar about Markups

STAR Campus - Webinar about Markups

Translation comes first – How can I assign markups?

The next STAR Campus webinar will be about those tags or markups that always "get in the way" while translating. In this webinar, you will learn what they are and how to handle them swiftly and efficiently.


  • 25th February, 16:00: Webinar in German, duration is approx. 60 minutes
  • 27st February, 10:00: Webinar in English, duration is approx. 60 minutes

Register and participate The webinar will take place online, the number of participants is limited. The webinar is free of charge via voice over IP. As an alternative, you can participate via dial-in phone conference. The resulting dial-in costs will be displayed. Simply register by sending an e-mail to transit@star-group.net. We use the webinar software TeamViewer. Once you have registered, you will receive your login details one or two days before the webinar and you can use these details to access and participate in the webinar. Preview We have prepared the following webinars for the coming months:

  • March 2014: In the beginning was the word. How can I create and use terminology when translating?
  • April 2014: Unpack and get going. What is included in my project package?
  • May 2014: Markups count towards quality too. How do I ensure that all of the markups are correct?

Posts about markups on this blog

We have already published several posts about markups on this blog that you might want to have a look at to prepare for the webinar. Here they are:

Be warned, the first one, How to handle markup during translation, is more of a doctoral thesis than a blog post, with presentation and video included ;-). So, if you have worked your way through our posts and seen the webinar, you will not only know how to handle markups, you will be a markup pro!


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