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How to reduce translation costs

Save money on translations

How to reduce translation costs

Which translation service do I need?

If your role is head of exports, international marketing director or customer service lead in a company that markets its products to non-English-speaking markets, you will already have come across the need to translate some of your documentation into another language. Some of the most common examples include the translation of marketing material, website content, user instructions or maintenance manuals. The need also often arises to attend meetings, machine demonstrations, training sessions, etc. that require a professional interpreting service. In this blog, we will explain the most common services to you and which one is needed in each case, such as sworn translation, transcreation or consecutive interpreting.

Where should I start?

Translation doesn’t create anything from scratch. Translation agencies simply transform the raw material (texts) of their customers. The work of a translator therefore depends greatly on the quality of this raw material, the way in which it arrives and the time they have in order to transform it. Good planning of the translation needs and the quality control of the raw material are key to success. The posts in this blog contain advice and specific examples so that you can improve your texts or better prepare the services that you require in order to reduce the investment costs and improve the quality of your products.

How should I proceed?

Before requesting a translation service, it is vital to carefully analyse a series of questions: what do you need to translate, what are your goals with this translation, who is the target audience, in which format do you need it to be, etc. This brief analysis will allow you to better communicate your expectations to your supplier and positively influence the final quality. Our blog posts contain advice with specific examples, which will allow you to optimise the use of the most common tools in the area of content creation, such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, etc., and help you to reduce the translation costs.

Have we convinced you?

The articles you will find in this blog outline good practices and contain advice that is worth its weight in euros. You will be able to apply most of this practical advice without having to rely on a translation provider. In fact, as you apply our recommendations, you will see how you immediately gain independence and can better assess your work. Shall we get started?

Posts that will save you money

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